Kantoresque : Body & Object -Physical Theatre Workshop

A physical theatre workshop ,inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s work.
Kantor was a Polish avant-guard visual and theatre artist and founder of the Cricot 2 Theatre Group. His work is widely known for the strong imagery,the use of puppets and imaginable and extravagant use of scenic objects-to which we will focus on this session.

We invite actors and theatre practicioners, dancers, visual artists, performers of all kinds and drama teachers,keen to experiment and explore new techniques.
This is a three hour workshop . There is a limited number of participants so act fast !

Please come dressed comfortably and bring along a light object-this will be your partner in crime !

Laguage: English

Contact,information and reservations: Inbox us or e-mail us
Joanna Kordatou : iokord7@yahoo.gr
Themida Nikolaou: themida_ nic@hotmail.com

First come first basis

The workshop is organised by Rooftop Theatre.
Co-organisers: Famagusta Avenue Garage
Famagusta Youth Center (MAGEM)

26 of May , 17:00-20:00